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Our Industries and Customers

General construction

Our customers work on the construction of urban and rural structures and buildings, infrastructure projects and transportation. They also work in areas such as public utilities, agriculture, recycling and waste management. Their work ranges from foundation and groundwork to loading of construction materials. Our construction equipment is used to build housing, hospitals, industrial, sports facilities as well as demolition and removal of buildings and structures. Our customers build the cities and infrastructure of tomorrow. We offer our customers a wide range of general construction equipment from Volvo and our other partners. Ferronordic consultants help our customers select the best equipment and construction solutions. Our construction equipment offering includes excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, bulldozers and demolition equipment.

Markets: Russia and Kazakhstan

Share of 2019 new machine sales: 28%


Our customers in the forestry industry manage vast forest assets. They produce high-quality lumber, value-added finishing products, and top-quality pulp and paper. They supply raw materials to the construction and furniture industries. Our customers are also leading producers of wood pellets and green energy. Their operations include logging, transportation and stacking but also construction of the infrastructure needed to efficiently and reliably run forestry operations. Ferronordic offers state of the art equipment for the forest industry including harvesters and forwarders. Our forestry equipment from Volvo Construction equipment serves the needs of demanding customers in Russia/CIS. Ferronordic is also the official distributor in Russia of forestry equipment manufactured under the Rottne brand.


Markets: Russia

Share of 2019 new machine sales: 14%

Road construction

Our customers in road construction are improving roads in cities but also connecting big and important metropolitan areas and creating transportation hubs. They also build port facilities and airports. In Russia and Kazakhstan, the road and rail networks remain relatively underdeveloped. Government programs and private initiatives have been launched to expand the transportation capacity. Ferronordic has a dedicated road engineering team that provides customers with comprehensive solutions to road and infrastructure construction. We offer a range of Volvo road construction equipment that allows our customers to complete all stages of road construction, regardless of the complexity of the projects and the conditions of the terrain and weather. Our road construction equipment includes asphalt pavers, road rollers, bulldozers, excavators and backhoe loaders

Markets: Russia and Kazakhstan

Share of 2019 new machine sales: 18%

Mining industry

Our clients in the mining industry use our equipment, services and expertise to extract and produce metals and minerals that the world depends upon. Our customers produce nickel, copper, iron ore, gold, platinum group metals and mineral fertilizers like potash and phosphates used in agriculture. They build access roads, prepare mine sites, remove overburden and excavate mine pits and build processing plants and other infrastructure to support operations. They work across Russia and CIS but notably in remote areas in Far East, Siberia, Ural regions and Kazakhstan, where the terrain and weather conditions are challenging and demands on the reliability of equipment are high. Our performance is a critical part of our customers’ success as the machines form an integral part of the production chain and spare part availability and service response times are central to ensuring equipment uptime. Our clients in the mining industry have the most stringent safety requirements, the highest expectations for ecological efficiency and zero tolerance for equipment standstill. Ferronordic offers complex solutions and equipment for the mining industry, including dump trucks, excavators, wheel loaders and bulldozers.

Markets: Russia and Kazakhstan

Share of 2019 new machine sales: 23%

Quarries and aggregates

Our customers in quarries and aggregates work with the extraction and production of raw materials for the construction industry. They work in surface-mined pits. The output includes granite, limestone and sandstone and gravel or ballast. They build access roads, prepare production sites, remove overburden and build roads and other infrastructure to support operations. Our services and machines are critical for their productivity and performance.

Markets: Russia and Kazakhstan

Share of 2019 new machine sales: 12%

Transport and logistics

In Germany Ferronordic is the authorized dealer of Volvo and Renault Trucks since January 2020. Ferronordic’s sales area covers approximately 20% of the German truck market and includes some of the busiest and urbanized parts of Germany, such Hannover and Frankfurt Rhine-Main. Ferronordic’s network also covers a large part of Eastern Germany including cities like Leipzig and Dresden.  Our customers in Germany operate in several industries including long-haul and regional transport and construction. 

In Russia, Ferronordic has a network of Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks authorized service stations in several regions where highly skilled mechanics provide maintenance and repair services. Our customers in Russia operate in a number of industries including long-haul and regional transport and construction.

Markets: Russia and Germany