What we believe

Ferronordic’s vision is to be the leading service and sales company in our markets and our mission is to support the growth and leadership of our customers. Our business is built on customer centricity, competence and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our services and products, our focus on innovation and sustainability is the way we realise our vision.

Our business is built on four strategic cornerstones

Great team

Ferronordic’s success is based on a strong team working towards common goals. Working for Ferronordic means taking the initiative and making decisions, regardless of rank or position. The Company’s employees are not afraid to make mistakes but see it as part of learning and growing. Ferronordic openly addresses problems and always strives to be part of the solution. The team is fast-paced, dynamic and determined to create value for its customers. Every employee understands that mutual trust, dialogue and openness are the best ways to improve results and move the business forward.

Customer centricity

Ferronordic’s mission is to support its customers’ growth and leading positions in their industries and markets. The Company does this by developing products and business solutions based on each customer´s unique needs, which leads to increased productivity, greater flexibility and higher cost efficiency. Ferronordic is keen to establish close cooperation, deliver high-quality services and products as well as offer customised and tailor-made solutions.

Building on strong brands

Ferronordic collaborates with world-leading suppliers of construction equipment and trucks. The Company offers premium products of uncompromising quality, world-class comfort, maximum efficiency, highest safety and minimum environmental impact. Each brand has a leading position in its segment, which Ferronordic contributes to developing and strengthening. The brands and products complement each other, which means that Ferronordic can deliver both broad and customised solutions to its customers.

Operational excellence

At Ferronordic, employees have a quality mindset and a focus on continuous improvements. The Company’s employees welcome and drives change, are flexible and agile, and always strives to improve its services and products for the benefit of both customers and environment. Ferronordic invests in the latest technology and develops new solutions. The Company strives towards economic and ecological sustainability and to contribute to a circular economy.

Our Values

Ferronordic’s core values are respect, quality and excellence. These values guide the Company and its employees when interacting with customers, partners, suppliers and each other. They define Ferronordic and govern how the Company deploys resources and how it delivers services and products to its customers.


Ferronordic wants fair and open relationship between its own team members and with its customers, suppliers and the communities the Company operates within. The Company and its employees are open minded and tolerant. Ferronordic sees strength in diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all – regardless of gender, ethnic and religious backgrounds, or disabilities.


Ferronordic values long-term relationships with its customers and partners. This requires a consistent focus on quality in services, products and relationships. The Company lives up to its commitments and strives to exceed expectations in everything it does.


Ferronordic’s people are passionate specialists and experts who strive for excellence in creating value for customers and partners. Ferronordic is continuously seeking ways to improve its processes and products to deliver a superior customer experience.

Value Pyramid

Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives set out how we believe we best can deliver growth and value to all our stakeholders.

  • Leadership in the markets for construction equipment and trucks

  • Aftermarket absorption rate of 1.0 x

  • Expansion to related business areas

  • Development of contracting services

  • Industry-leading digital service and sales platforms

  • Geographical expansion