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Ferronordic helps to build Olympic sports' facilities

01 Mar 2012

Courses of further training are being provided for machine operators from the DSK company, who have already been using Volvo road-construction machinery for more than 8 years on a wide range of different projects. The company is currently constructing the road systems intended to serve the Olympic sports' facilities, including the routes to be used for the ski-racing and biathlon events. The work has meant DSK having to deploy 50 Volvo machinery units in total — more than 20 of which are articulated dump trucks.

“In constructing the Olympic facilities, it has been important to keep in mind both the results required and the deadlines for project completion and it has been necessary to take into account the reliability of the equipment and the cost of its deployment. Based on my past experience of working on projects of this complexity, I can confirm that we could only complete this project in the time allotted using Volvo machinery” Sergei Vasilyevich Golubev, Head of DSK.

Volvo machinery is specially designed for deployment in difficult conditions. Volvo’s articulated dump trucks have improved towing specifications and are capable of a 22 degree lift within a turning radius of less than 9 m. Under such conditions, the quality of the work produced is very much dependent on operator experience and the ability to make full use of the range of options offered by the machinery. The ability to negotiate the hairpins on mining site roadways and the readiness to drive close to the precipitous roadway edges heightens the level of safety. The proper implementation of standard haulage operations also increases efficiency and reduces machinery stress, thus prolonging machinery lifespan.

“Volvo’s road-construction equipment not only has a high level of functionality and operability, but also a high level of safety. When selling our machines and in order to ensure that their potential is used to the full, we run regular operator training courses to pass on the various skills required for the different models used both in Russia and abroadKarel Geirnaet, Commercial Director Ferronordic Machines. “We plan to continue our training programmes in the future, thereby continually improving the skill levels of our customers”.

Operator training is one of a standard package of services offered to customers when purchasing equipment. Operators are encouraged to contact Ferronordic Machines with their Volvo machinery operating or servicing enquiries at any time and can rely on prompt, qualified assistance.

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