For us sustainability means managing a responsible business that contributes to a cleaner environment, a less wasteful economy and creates long-term value for all our stakeholders. We see no long-term trade-off between sustainability and profitability - rather the contrary. The world needs sustainable and environmentally friendly transport solutions and leading that trend will be a competitive advantage for us. We have identified three focus areas that we believe are most relevant for our operations and where we can make the biggest difference.

Minimise resource waste and environmental impact

A large part of the existing machine population in Kazakhstan consists of old machines with engines of inferior emission standards and suboptimal fuel-efficiency. By replacing these machines with new, efficient ones and by providing service, technology know-how and training that allow for the machines to be operated with maximum efficiency, we contribute to a better environment.

Being a good employer

We continually strive to be an attractive, inspiring and high-performing workplace with a culture based on our values and vision. We do this by providing a safe work environment, training and development, equal opportunities and fair salaries.

At Ferronordic we respect the rights of all employees to join an association to represent their interests as employees, to organise and to bargain collectively or individually. We also make significant investments in training and development.

We also strive to increase the diversity of our workforce with a number of proactive measures. Some of these measures are aimed at increasing the number of women in our industry. The proportion of women in management positions at Ferronordic was around 25% in 2023. Our aim is to increase that figure going forward.

Safety is at the heart of our operations. In 2023 we provided 2,041 hours in health- and safety training. In 2019 we obtained the ISO 45001 certification which is an international standard for occupational health and safety.

Employing good corporate governance

We follow the Swedish Corporate Governance Code in addition to statutory legislation and have a zero-tolerance policy against corruption. We invest in resources in internal governance; from approval hierarchies and budget systems, to policies and procedures and corporate culture. We continuously promote responsibility, transparency and accountability in our organisation. In markets where corruption is common, our anti-corruption work and strong governance principles raise trust in our company and the brands we represent.

Read more about Ferronordic’s sustainability work in our Sustainability Report 2023


Ferronordic has been certified as a "Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner" for shared ESG data in 2021.