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Volvo — backhoe loaders with unrivalled spec

01 Jan 2012

Having begun production of its new BL61B and BL71B machinery, Volvo Construction Equipment has now completed modernisation of its range of backhoe loaders and is offering machinery with improved performance, a more modern appearance and greater ease of use. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, the machinery offers the reliability and ease of operation associated with Volvo’s wheel loaders coupled with the power and superior technical specifications of Volvo’s excavators.

Both models have been given a modern facelift and smoother lines. Both models are also fitted with the operator spacious Care Cab. The BL61B and BL71B have operating weights of between 7.1 tonnes (15 609 pounds) and 9.8 tonnes (21 065 pounds) and offer full operating power specifications of between 64 kW (86 psi) and 74.9 kW (100 psi). The units are specially designed to provide the required levels of power, strength, durability and economic efficiency.

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